March 2010
Week three - Entry two

I had a dream. I dreamt I was a health and safety officer performing my checks in a warehouse. The warehouse was empty. It had grey concrete floors and red stair rails. I was accompanied the whole time by a young woman. She never spoke, just stayed close. As I walked the endless rooms of this space intermittent sounds like some electrical feedback kept penetrating my mind. I kept my mind closed to the sound. I knew that if I were to lose myself in this sound I would never leave the warehouse. It was a calling from a parallel world, just out of sync with my reality. I pleaded with the young woman that I wanted to remain in my own reality and did not want to lose myself forever in her world. She finally spoke and agreed that she would assist me safely to the door. She beckoned me to look around, though, and suddenly the warehouse that was once empty was now filled with people. They were dressed in attire from every age through history. Since long ago lonely people had been willingly seduced by the sounds and crossed into this other universe contained only within the warehouse. I said my goodbyes and as I stepped outside I saw their faces dissolve again into the darkness within the doorframe.

man and bear (on board) Rachel Goodyear

man and bear
on board
see detail


I have longing and impatience to get sightings of as many native animals as I can. When I see their tracks I imagine they are tormenting me…running off into the woods before I can catch a glimpse. However, this fuels the forest in my mind - the more I imagine the possibilities of what I don’t literally see, the more strange and intense the characters in my mind become. I do, however, see a shooting star.

tracks in the snow


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